Found, missing, who knows?

5 06 2018

Found: A couple of weeks ago we posted that social media was buzzing about the “disappearance” of Gen Apirat Kongsompong. We cited Andrew MacGregor Marshall suggests saying that he’d been “arrested” and is at the king’s jail. Soon after, he reappeared, shaven head and all, but back at work.

Now social media rumors are that despite his period of “re-education” by the king, Gen Apirat has come through it and his chances of appointment of new Army boss are undiminished, perhaps even enhanced by his capacity to endure strict royal discipline.

Missing: In a related post, Marshall refers to a missing Army officer. Marshall states that เฉลิมศักดิ์ เรือนมงคล (Chaloemsak Ruenmongkon), had been on the run in several Southeast Asian nations before perhaps being apprehended in Malaysia and sent to Thailand.

He is thought to have been involved with an anti-junta and anti-monarchy “พิซซ่าชาวใน,” a now-closed Facebook page.

He’s gone missing and the fear is he’s “detained by the military or held at King Vajiralongkorn’s notorious punishment camp and prison at Thaweewattana Palace.”

There’s no a dreaded silence.

Who knows?: More than a week ago the police reported breaking a red shirt plot and capturing weapons. The news since then, as expected, is zilch. Perhaps the plot is by the police, against red shirts?



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