Democracy as defined by anti-democrats

29 06 2018

It may be that the reporting is not complete, but we found a revealing statement by an ex-Democrat Party MP opposing the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration plan to “drop its plan to dissolve the city’s district councils and replace each one with a so-called civic committee, an elected body.”

Atthawit Suwanphakdi declared he opposed the change from elected councilors to an elected “civic committee” for particular reasons:

The district councillor is the only elected position that is least prone to being involved in corruption because the councillor doesn’t hold any authority to propose a project or make decisions in any budget allocations of the BMA….

Councilors receive a paltry salary to act as “an adviser to the district office director and a general inspector with good connections with both the BMA and the voters in each district…”.

Atthawit’s support for elected district councilors may be seen as slap to the military junta that has prevented elections at all levels since its coup, but his reasoning is classic anti-democrat.

In his view, elected politicians are only useful where they have no power to do anything, leaving the important decisions to bureaucrats and technocrats.



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