Rigging the future II

6 07 2018

The junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly “has voted unanimously to approve the National Strategy, with binding effect over the next 20 years and penalties for non-compliance.”

The so-called strategy will be handed back to The Dictator who will seek royal endorsement. There seems no reason that the king will not enthusiastically endorse the junta’s stranglehold over and future elected governments for two decades.

The report states the “strategy” will then be transformed into an even more restrictive “master plan” for the six “strategic” areas within about 120 days, with the aim of having the “master plan” in place before the junta’s “election.”

It isn’t just elected governments and politicians who will don the junta’s “strategic” straitjacket, bur “[a]ll government agencies and public organisations [which] must comply with the master plans and budget allocations must be in line with them.”

In addition, “[a]ny policy proposed by a political party must be within the national strategic framework.”

All of these restrictions will be policed by a National Strategy Committee, appointed by the junta and its puppets. Its task will be to “inform the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) if it sees a non-compliance. The NACC will then consider the case and if any agency is found guilty of malfeasance, its chief may face suspension from public offices or from position, expulsion or a jail term.”

The Senate, which will also be dominated by appointed junta puppets, is also “tasked with monitoring compliance with the strategy.”



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