“The Dictator forever” (and the money will flow)

27 07 2018

The catchy header at the Bangkok Post’s website for its story on the so-called Sam Mitr recruiters of MPs for the junta is: “The Sam Mitr group explodes officially onto the political scene, backing Gen Prayut as leader indefinitely for allegedly bringing peace to the streets.”

Somsak Thepsuthin, one of the “Three Friends,” spoke of his great appreciation of Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Of course, Somsak has a history of forming tiny parties and then supporting military dictators and “strong” leaders, like Thaksin Shinawatra. He also has a history of seeking personal and family benefit from such arrangements. Such arrangements have often been tainted by corruption. The money helps lubricate coalition-making.

As was seen in his defection to the Bhum Jai Thai Party in 2006, he’s also been quick to jump from one powerful group to another when he sees political and economic advantage.

He has stated that:

… “Gen Prayut has turned the country around by ending the colour-coded political conflict…”.

“… Gen Prayut made all that go away although [his rise to power] was out of the ordinary…”.

“If we look at it carefully, we’ll see he [Gen Prayut] has restored happiness to us. Supporting him makes for an interesting choice of action to take,” he added.

That loud sucking sound is not unusual. Somsak has been remora-like in his support of military dictators in the past and his forays into electoral politics have been for his personal and family advantage and for his military patrons.



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