Junta’s party and the “election” outcome

2 08 2018

The junta’s “election” date isn’t even set, but its party – Palang Pracharath – reckons it is a shoo in.

Khaosod reports the thoughts of Suchart Chantaramanee, who chairs the party, is not shy about discussing the junta’s intentions.

A former army officer, Suchart says “no party will win a majority and form a government in the next election…”. But, he says his party will form the government:

The victory won’t come through the ballot. Suchart said he believes his party – which openly supports junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha as the next prime minister – has the backing of all future 200 Senators to be handpicked by the ruling regime.

“Out of the 250 Senators, 200 will be chosen by a committee under the NCPO,” Suchart said, referring to the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order. “So the military already has 200 votes in their hand … Whoever wants to win the election needs those 200 votes, and I think our party has their support, so we have the highest possibility to be the government.”

The junta is feeling very confident.



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