Saving the junta’s face, intimidating opponents

3 08 2018

Thailand’s military dictatorship is as prickly as it is dishonest.

It says it was compelled to act against Future Forward Party leaders because it “distorted facts” and “adversely affected the NCPO’s [the junta] reputation.”

Junta mouthpiece Maj Gen Piyapong Klinpan said legal action was taken because Future Forward party members were considered to have “distorted information” that the junta lies was “provoking public disturbances and violating the Computer Crime Act…”. The party members talked about the junta poaching members from other parties that are prevented from even meeting.

Of course, no “disturbances” resulted, so clearly the junta is saving face and repressing political opponents. Further, the statements made by the party were accurate, suggesting that it is, in fact, the junta that is “provoking public disturbances” by rigging the election and underwriting, supporting, promoting and protecting the Palang Pracharath Party.

In a footnote to the linked story, the junta’s mouthpiece expressed disinterest in claims by two Puea Thai Party members that they are being tailed by the military.

The military junta uses the military forces as black shirts to intimidate and repress. They do so with impunity. We can only guess at the huge level of funds filched from the taxpayer to fund the junta’s election rigging.



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