Updated: The Dictator goes full Thaksin

16 08 2018

Yesterday we mentioned The Dictator saying something about traffic and privilege.

It is reported that he’s been out “inspecting Bangkok’s traffic conditions…”. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha then “ordered officials to alleviate congestion in Bangkok and its outskirts within three months with the help of technology, water transport and new bus routes.”

Pretending to be kingly, he trailed about, giving orders and advice.

We were reminded of Thaksin Shinawatra. On 6 July 1995, The Nation reported that “Palang Dharma Party leader Thaksin Shinawatra promised yesterday to come
up with ‘concrete’ measures within six months for solving Bangkok’s traffic woes.” One of his plans was to limit official motorcades. Critics scoffed.

A few months later, on 9 October 1995, Thaksin’s plans “to cut back on VIP motorcades for Cabinet members” were in trouble. As the police explained, “How can such a service be reduced
when the demand for it is so huge”!

Prayuth has emulated Thaksin, only 22 years later. But Prayuth has Article 44.

Update: We thought we should add a note from The Nation that has a junta spokesvoice saying that his dear Dictator has been misquoted. He didn’t say the problems had to be solved in 3 months, just that minion officials had to come up with solutions within 3 months. Again, Thaksin did much the same all those years ago. In any case, we have no reason to believe the spokesthings because they are paid to lie.



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