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20 08 2018

We were amused to see that the new Elections Commissioners, who were only approved for work on four days ago, seem to be miracle workers. If they aren’t miracle men, then they’ve been toiling away as unappointed commissioners. But let’s leave that legal issue because no one seems to care.

The big miracle is the announcement of a road map that has a “general election will likely be held on Feb 24 next year…”. Yahoo! Saddle up for an election campaign! But, then, we got confused.

Whose road map? Turns out the EC means the junta’s road map, which has been altered time and again.

Of course, we know that only The Dictator can set the election date for his election. We know this because he’s said it several times.

And then there’s the reporting that the “general election” – not to be confused with “electing generals” – will be on that date because the Senate election will take place on a particular schedule.

Hmm. Schedules? Like the election scheduled for 2015? But what is this Senate election? Section 107 of the junta’s constitution states:

The Senate consists of two hundred members installed from a selection by and among persons having the knowledge, expertise, experience, profession, or characteristics or common interests or working or having worked in varied areas of the society.

That’s how we became confused. It is selection-cum-election by unrepresentative colleges. We guess that is just election without the s. As the report explains it:

Under the constitution, the 250 senators will come from two sources. The EC will hold an election for professional groups to select 200 candidates among themselves and the NCPO would shortlist them to 50.

Looks like no one, least of all the election commissioners, is very clear about much at all.

So its back to the military junta to “explain.” A junta spokesperson, Maj Gen Piyapong Klinpan declared: “We can’t say anything else but that the election will be held in early 2019 according to the road map. There is no reason to postpone it…”.

That seems like as clear a statement of junta intent that we have heard for some time. What will The Dictator say? Is he sure he can have his people “win”?

Has PPT lost the money it put on a May “election”?

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is continuing his selection campaigning in the south this week. We can’t wait for his comments on a 24 February “election.”

Update 1: We note that The Nation reports the head of the Election Commission has a different take on election dates, one that seems to us to be more accurate than other reports we have seen to date:

Elections will be held on February 24 at the earliest and by May 5 at the latest, Election Commission (EC) chairman Ittiporn Boonprakong said on Sunday.

The tentative dates were set as per the government’s road map, and after discussions were held with political parties and concerned agencies in June this year, Ittiporn clarified.

“We are ready to hold an election, no matter whether [it is held] sooner or later,” the new EC chairman said.

Looks like out money might well be safe.

Update 2: Khaosod quotes EC Secretary-General Charungwit Phumma as stating: “The time frame is set by the laws. No matter what, we have to organize it…. We have to stick to the laws.” By this he means the junta’s “election” must be held between 24 February and 5 May 2019. We still want to hear it from The Dictator, who still has Article 44 in his pocket along with the Army commander.



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21 08 2018
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[…] yet another careful rollback of expectations and the original statement, the Bangkok Post reports junta legal minion Wissanu Krea-ngam as saying the […]

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