And the Deputy Dictator too

6 09 2018

As The Dictator prepares for his life after an “election” that he hopes and schemes will look pretty much like his life right now, comes the news that Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, the man with truckloads of luxury watches, is considering staying on too.

He’s basically said that if The Dictator gets his way and stays on as prime minister then Prawit is likely to stay on too.

We guess that quite a few of the junta boys are keen to keep their jobs.

Gen Prawit said he and The Dictator, joined at the hip in repression, are a “team.”

In preparing for an “election” to keep the “team” going, Prawit rejected claims that he’s picked a “high-profile politician in the Northeast … to help the regime prepare for the poll.” That probably means it will happen.

The Deputy Dictator’s “word” can seldom be believed. But few seem concerned that he’s so disingenuous. Think of his watches and the failures to investigate.



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