Fear the people III

11 09 2018

Quite some time ago, PPT posted a lot on the fear the military junta feels (for example here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Interestingly, the junta now confirms its fear of the people if they are unshackled.

As Khaosod reports it: “The powers that be who’ve bottled expression and dissent for five years fear the resumption of regular political life…”.

This comes from none other than junta lackey and Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam who stated “that the reason the military regime hasn’t lifted the ban on political activities is because the ruling junta known as the National Council for Peace and Order is ‘afraid’.” He didn’t say what the junta is afraid of, but it is pretty clear that there are many fears: republicanism, separatism, losing positions of bigness, losing face, being shown to be corrupt, seeing Thaksin again, and so on.

But it is clear that the main fear is of the people being able to speak and think more freely. This is why the junta wants to hang on. Others say:

Pro-democracy activist Rangsiman Rome said it’s simple: prosecution. Should junta leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha fail to retain power after the election, Rangsiman said its self-indemnification for overthrowing the government in 2014 could be overturned.

“They also know that they are on the way down. Many people are talking about taking revenge on them,” Rangsiman said by phone Monday.

We think there’s much in this. The junta bosses are notoriously thin-skinned.

Another activist, Nuttaa Mahattana, thinks the junta is afraid of the people. She said the ban that’s been in place since the coup affects not just politicians but ordinary citizens including protesters such as herself, who’s been charged multiple times with violating the junta’s ban on political gatherings.

“They are afraid of the people… They are afraid that people will be able to speak. They are afraid of people’s expressions,” Nuttaa said.

We think she’s right. They are petrified that all their repression will come undone because they know that the people have simply acceded to the repression but don’t believe all the junta’s guff, which is the ruling class’s guff.



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