The Dictator or another coup

27 09 2018

To describe Sanoh Thienthong as a “veteran” politician is an understatement. He’s 84 and was first an MP in 1975. He’s one of those provincial wheeler-dealers with a foot in politics, business and with “influence.” The family is something of a political dynasty and they have stuck with Puea Thai.

Because he’s got tons of experience, Sanoh is also quite politically astute. His prediction is that The Dictator is political toast and Puea Thai will win 200 seats.

The junta seemed stunned. The Dictator was infuriated.

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha barked at reporters when they asked him about Sanoh. He declared that Sanoh was “looking down” on the “Thai people.” Then he offered a threat:

Would Thai people allow the country to return to chaos? Would they let them provoke troubles again?…Whether or not (next government) will survive depends on how it works, its policies and good governance.

That sounds like The Dictator is saying that if voters don’t choose him, his military thugs are ready to intervene again. And who can doubt him. He’s already played a role in Thailand’s two most recent coups.



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