Junta plans

28 09 2018

The junta is going to maximize its advantages by maximizing the disadvantages of parties that don’t align with it. Its planning for the “election” it must win involves the construction of obstacles against its opponents, using every trick it can.

The Bangkok Post reports that the junta is likely to postpone until December a meeting with political parties that might decide to lift “the ban on political activities…”.

Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan “said no exact date or time has been set for the meeting, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.” This is a meeting that was first promised months ago, but the junta has seen the advantage it gains by holding off as long as possible. This allows the junta to fill the news, airwaves and keep itself in campaign mode while its opponents must remain silent.

At the same time, Gen Pravit boosted The Dictator, saying: “I support the prime minister in entering the political fray…. Whichever party he joins is his decision. I’m not concerned about him. I have confidence in him.”

Of course. But this is part of the planning. Promote Prayuth, silence others. By adding that there’s “nothing unusual about him potentially wanting to continue [in the post] for another four years…”, the dumpy general normalizes coups, the illegal use of force, repression, lies, arbitrary rule and the stifling of political participation. That’s the plan. There’s no need to hope that an election can change this. It can only change if the junta is firmly rejected.

Gen Prawit affirmed his own plans to stay on: “He said he would likely be interested in following the premier in governing the nation under a democratic framework if Gen Prayut were to ask him to stay.” The plan is for many of the junta’s men to return to positions as ministers.



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