When the junta rigs elections II

16 10 2018

It is reported that criticism of the junta’s ministers doubling as Palang Pracharath Party leaders and officials is continuing. And so it should. The double standards of this regime are huge.

Ordered to vote

Puea Thai has “cried foul over four ministers … [and] whether the pro-government party has been given leeway to conduct political activities which are still banned for everyone else.”

Indeed, the ministers have been meeting civic groups and brazenly campaigning. Junta supporters can do what they want as part of the junta’s rigging of the “election.”

Even the Bangkok Post says “Palang Pracharath is seen as having effectively begun campaigning while other parties are still only limited to some activities such as membership registration.”

The puppet Election Commission reckons the Palang Pracharath ministers can give interviews and conduct party business at their ministerial workplaces.

That’s exactly what we have come to expect of this junta agency.