Rigging the future III

17 10 2018

We know we are late on posting on the junta’s grand strategy for rigging the future, but it remains an important story.

What really surprised PPT is that some politicians said they “are ready to follow the 20-year national strategy, published in the Royal Gazette on Saturday, with the aim of turning Thailand into a developed country by 2037…”.

Sure, they “worry it could end up outdated or may not come to pass,” but they seem unwilling to declare that the junta’s plan is to hamstring any government the military doesn’t fully control.

It is “a tool for the junta regime to get rid of an elected government in the future.”

Peua Thai, which should know better, said “those who work in politics must study it and prepare to follow it.” How very Red Guardish!

But the party is far more on the ball when it says that “amending the constitution as a whole would be a higher priority than changing this law in particular.”

That makes sense and is critical. But, as shown in the past, this proposal will be rudely opposed by anti-democrats.

Government spokesman Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said The Dictator insists the strategy is critical for “reform” – code for the anti-democrats and their political system. Sansern said: “The period over the next five years is the most important as the next government will have to follow this framework, although it can be adjusted.”

But as critics suggest, the main point is that if “any government pursuing a policy interpreted as not being in line with the national strategy will face legal action” and probably legal dissolution.