When the junta rigs elections III

17 10 2018

The rigging of the election involves the movement of trusted junta underlings into positions that can have influence over the “election.”

A recent report identifies the ways the police have been manipulated. Of course, the military has long mistrusted the police and the junta saw it as a nest of Thaksinite traitors.

But over more than four years, the leadership of the police has been junta-fied, “ahead of a election expected in [perhaps] four months’ time…”.

The report refers to the new chief of the Crime Suppression Division Pol Col Jirabhop Bhuridej who has become the “youngest chief in the CSD’s 70-year history, which has seen 36 people occupy the top post.”

When the first thing the Colonel says is that “his agency is politically neutral and vowed to rail against anyone resorting to violence prior to the poll,” you know that this is not accurate.

During elections, the CSD is responsible for “cases involving politics.” That means having the junta’s man in place is critical for the junta’s plans for “winning” its “election.”

When he goes on to say: “My recruitment is not based on favouritism,” you know he’s obfuscating.