Thaksin talks elections

19 10 2018

Thaksin Shinawatra haunts the military junta. In several ways, he is there reason for being and for much of what they have done since seizing political power. It is Thaksin who they view as the enemy. It is Thaksin they seek to defeat in their “election.” So when he speaks, despite their hatred and fears, they listen and seethe.

In his most recent commentary, in Hong Kong, Thaksin has declared that an alliance of pro-democracy parties could defeat the pro-military parties in the junta’s election “if it is held freely and fairly…”.

He added: “It’s time for [voters] to cast their ballots…to dump the dictatorship of Thailand…”.

From the Bangkok Post

That is a big prediction, for as the Post calculates, to “win the prime minister vote, the pro-democracy alliance would need at least 376 votes in the House.” Its chart is worth considering and is reproduced here.

Thaksin also predicted that Puea Thai would do well.

He berated the junta, saying that under the junta “you cannot expect any kind of true democracy, you cannot expect any [fairness].” He added: “The rule of law has not been observed … Where there is no justice, why [do] you have to surrender yourself [to] injustice?”

Stunningly, he he kept his political options open, saying, “But if they [the people] need me, because I owe them [for] their continual support — whatever I can do for them, even in a different capacity, I’ll do it.”

The military dictatorship is bound to respond.