The Dictator sulks and thought police get vindictive II

31 10 2018

This post updates an earlier one on the military regime’s response to the rap song “Prathet Ku Mee.”

The sulking and vindictiveness continues, with Pol Gen Srivara Ransibrahmanakul having “authorised police officers to lodge the defamation lawsuit on his behalf on Monday.” He also revealed that the official police investigation of the rappers and their anti-junta song is continuing, even while he “concede[d] there is no evidence so far that those connected to the song have broken the law.” Absurdly, he also “denied rumours that leading government figures ordered him to take legal action against the rappers.”

Pol Gen Srivara then “distributed a brief containing 10 counter-arguments to various lyrics of the song to the media.” It complained that the senior policeman considered that the song’s “lyrics are not entirely true … [and] that some of the video’s content deliberately tarnishes the reputation of the military.”

Check a  version of the lyrics here.

It remains unclear to PPT how the police general is engaged in  a defamation action that claims the military is defamed, but we suspect that this statement is evidence that the regime has indeed ordered the police to “investigate.”

Indicating the politics that the rap has unleashed, Pol Gen Srivara stated that his “brief” was written by notorious anti-democrat and ultra-royalist Seri Wongmontha.

Meanwhile, The Dictator claimed that the rappers were slandering the nation. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha went on to threaten tens of millions, saying “there are laws against acts of showing hostility toward the country.” He warned and threatened: “Anyone that shows appreciation towards the song must accept responsibility for what happens to the country in the future…”.

The dictators are being dictatorial. Worse, they have lost face, and this is when they are nasty, dangerous and vindictive.



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