Expect what you’ve got

1 11 2018

The former Thaksinista who has become the leading light and ideas man for the dullards leading the military junta, Somkid Jatusripitak, has told the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Bangkok to expect The Dictator prime minister to be the (s)elected prime minister Dictator following the junta’s rigged election.

The Deputy Prime Minister, known as leader of the Sam Mitr/Three Friends political group that has been organizing the election for The Dictator and the junta, told business people: “Don’t worry [about inconsistency], I have a hunch that the face of the next prime minister will look similar to the current one…”.

Despite its own surveying showing that the pro-junta parties may not win even with the extensive rigging of the rules of the election and the election itself, Somkid seems to think the deal has been done and that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha will prevail.

More rigging? The dissolution of the Puea Thai Party? Ballot box stuffing? He seems to be saying that the junta is going to do everything necessary to “win” the rigged election.



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