It’s not news

7 11 2018

Thai PBS has a story informing its readers that:

Former MP and a core leader of the Sam Mitr (Three Friends) group Somsak Thepsuthin announced on Tuesday that he and other members of the group will join the pro-junta Palang Pracharat Party at its general assembly on November 18.

Who didn’t know this? The date may be “new,” but the story is months old. From the time that the junta revealed its recruitment drive under the banner of this group of political chameleons, everyone knew this was happening. It i all a part of a plan or a strategy for “winning” the rigged election.

Somsak forgot his lines, saying that in the groups campaigning, “he was impressed with the warm welcome given to the Sam Mitr group by the people during its recent visits to several provinces.  He said the feedbacks [sic.] gained from the people during the visits would be incorporated into party policies.”

Yes, that’s the party that his group is saying it will join. It’s already there. The junta’s subterfuge is all rather too obvious and probably illegal.



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