“Lone” popcorn shooter

8 11 2018

As many readers will already know, the Supreme Court has sentenced the People’s Democratic Reform Committee “popcorn gunman” to “37 years and four months in prison for shooting at political demonstrators in Laksi in 2014, killing one person and wounding three others.”

Vivat at work

This decision overturned last year’s acquittal of Vivat Yodprasit by the Appeal Court.

Photos of Vivat on the job. Note the military kit items.

This report is remarkable on two counts. First, because the Bangkok Post manages to report the court case and recount details of the event without ever mentioning that Vivat was doing the work of the anti-democrats of the PDRC. Nor does the Post think to mention that the PDRC in Bangkok lauded Vivat for his murderous attacks. Frankly, that says much about the Post’s editorial policies.

Royalist anti-democrats applaud a murderer

A second aspect of the report is that no mention is that Vivat is the only one of several shooters at that event who was arrested, despite claims that others were known to police and military. No warrants were ever issued for them. In the public record, it seems that Vivat remains the only PDRC armed militant to have ever been charged.

As is usual in hired gun cases, Vivat was a pawn for wealthy and well-placed plotters. They never get named, let alone charged or even investigated. Who ordered and paid Vivat and his armed cohort?



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