Death by news

9 11 2018

The military junta seems to be recycling bad news.

In a wondrous piece of nothing much new, the junta’s most token civilian Wissanu Krea-ngam is quoted in The Nation as saying that the current junta is continuing on until at least June 2019 and that the latest an election can be held is 9 May.

z z z z z z

He did get animated when he “explained that the date of the polls could not be brought forward because a lot of preparations needed to be made.”

We assume he means the junta making preparations to steal the “election.”

The Bangkok Post got unnecessarily excited, declaring some kind of new day dawning, maybe.

This excitement seems unnecessary as the ban on political activities is not expected to be lifted until sometime in late December.

Wissanu reiterated several of the legal measures that allow the junta to control elections and the post-election parliament.



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