Dull, lawless and Mafia-like

10 11 2018

Readers will recall the dastardly Shinawatra plot to “buy votes” with 1-page paper calendars. This was an existential threat for the junta, despite the fact that it has poured trillions of baht into “buying votes” and completely dominates the political scene.

While junta thugs admitted that these terribly threatening calendars were not illegal, according to a report in Khaosod, “[s]oldiers briefly detained and questioned two Redshirt activists about calendars showing faces of former leaders Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra…”.

As we have long said, this is an essentially lawless regime while masquerading as something else.

The report states that “Pornpitak Chantadee and his wife Ratthawee Puiprom were taken to the 22nd Army Circle base in Ubon Ratchathani province after security forces discovered piles of the at their home there province…”.

To appear lawful, the junta has dug deep into archaic laws designed by previous dictatorial regimes and come up with a legal excuse for their Mafia-like actions.

The calendars are now said to infringe the “Publishing Act,” as the calendars do not have “clear information about publishers.”

The thug-authorities took a week to come up with this law.

The two people involved, who seem not to be the publishers of the exceedingly dangerous calendar, were “brought to the base and interrogated about the calendars before they were later released.” As usual in the junta’s Thailand, it seems the pair were essentially abducted and held incommunicado, unable to contact lawyers.

Their “crime” seems to be that they are red shirts.

The military leader of this operation to snuff out the incendiary calendars then showed his loyalty by pointing a crooked political finger at the real “culprits”:

Base commander Lt. Gen. Ath Singhatsathit could not be reached for comment. Adithep said the two Redshirts maintained they didn’t know who made the calendars.

“I think they knew,” the police colonel said. “Our intel also knows.”

He declined to identify the people responsible. When a reporter asked whether it was Pheu Thai Party, founded by Thaksin and later led by Yingluck, Adithep replied, “Everyone knows the answer to that. There is no mystery.”

The regime is staggeringly dull and blunt, as well as lawless and Mafia-like.



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