Bail after almost 4 years in prison

11 11 2018

On 2 February 2015, police announced the initial 6 arrests of the so-called Banpot network for lese majeste. The arrests had taken place days previously, with those arrested held incommunicado by the military.

The Banpot 6 became the Banpot 8, then the Banpot 10 and Banpot 12 as the military dictatorship expanded arrests. Later, a further two were arrested, making it the Banpot 14. On on 25 January 2015, Anchan P., then 58, was one of those arrested and charged with lese majeste.

On 24 January 2016, the first of the plaintiff’s witnesses testified. The witness was Pol Lt Col Olarn Sukkasem from the Technological Crime Suppression Division, known for having given prosecution evidence in numerous lese majeste cases following the 2014 coup. The second witness hearing was scheduled before the military court on 16 May 2016. You get the picture of delays, awaiting the defendant’s guilty plea.

So far, only 7 of 11 prosecution witnesses have been heard.

On 2 November 2018, it was reported that Anchan, a former official at the Revenue Department was bailed using as collateral savings certificates  and government bonds totaling 500,000 baht. This occurred despite prosecution objections. She is said to face 29 separate lese majeste charges.

The Prachatai report adds that bail has been previously refused despite numerous applications.

As Prachatai points out,

… while Banpot was accused of producing more than a hundred clips, he faced only one charge under Article 112, Anchan, alleged by the police to be involved in “managing the finances of the Banpot network”, faced 29 charges for separate acts of sharing Banpot’s clips on Facebook and uploading them on YouTube.



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