Campaigning and the monarchy

5 12 2018

The Dictator is not just pouring bags of money into the electorate to make sure he keeps his position in a post-election regime, he deploying the monarchy as a campaign shibboleth.

The Bangkok Post reports that Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has “called on Thais to maintain unity and goodwill towards each other as … the King’s coronation will take place soon.” By “soon,” he now means after the election. This after saying many times that coronation would occur before the election.

Why the change? Who knows? Astrology? Skiing in the Alps?

Speaking while campaigning in Chaiyaphum, The Dictator explained to 20,000 locals: “His Majesty’s coronation will take place soon. The King is a major pillar of the country. I know Thais are loyal to the monarchy. Please give a helping hand…”. He means vote for the devil parties.

He also played the king card by saying: “When the King sets the date of the coronation, we need to be sure peace and order prevail…”. He means vote for the devil parties as they have the support and guns of the military in their corner.

He then pulled another king from his pack, showing his closeness with the king and implying the king was well satisfied with his regime:

… the King has continued what King Rama IX initiated. His Majesty always tells me and the government to try our best to take care of the people, fulfil their needs swiftly, solve their problems and explain to them to make sure they understand….

The monarchy has long fallen in with military regimes and supported “semi-democracy.” Nothing much seems to change.