He who must be obeyed … not

7 12 2018

With The Dictator now the de facto leader of the Palang Pracharath Party as well as being prime minister and head of the military junta, he must be obeyed. Or so he thought.

As reported by both The Nation and the Bangkok Post, the Democrat Party and the Puea Thai Party have rejected the order that they “attend the pre-election dialogue with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Friday…”.

Other parties new parties including Future Forward, Thai Raksa Chart and Puea Chat are also boycotting the meeting.

The Dictator got angry.

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, who has rigged the electoral and constitutional framework to ensure that the junta’s favorite parties do well in an unfree and unfair poll, declared:

If parties don’t show up, it means they reject the rules. When the boxers step into the ring, they are summoned by a referee to hear the rules. If they don’t come, the match is off….

Off? The election is off? Or is the meeting off? Why? In fact, the reaction is about face. It makes no difference to Gen Prayuth and his associated devil parties.

In fact, it seems the angry general means that the boycotting parties should not compete in the election, whenever he decides to hold it.

Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan described the parties boycotting as “troublemakers.”

Junta deputy spokeswoman Col Sirichan Ngathong found another way to stick the political knife into the no-shows: “If they don’t join, those who don’t know the details of the meeting discussions should refrain from making criticism. This is a matter of manner[s]…”.

Democrat Party spokesman Thana Chiravinij said “the party decided not to join the meeting in part because political parties were not allowed to voice opinions.” In addition, The Dictator “has also demonstrated an inappropriate attitude and lacked respect for the people.” Other parties have made it clear that it should be the Election Commission calling the meeting. They reject the junta being involved as it is not a disinterested party, actively campaigning for devil parties for months and months.



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