Republicanism rises again

7 12 2018

Readers will recall the kerfuffle a little while ago over t-shirt, with some arrested, detained and maybe charged with making and distributing shirts claimed to be anti-monarchist and part of a republican movement.

On Wednesday, according to social media reports and in Khaosod, “police briefly detained two men wearing T-shirts associated with a republican group in public yesterday…”. In fact, there may have been more than two, as videos and photos are available on social media, including the Facebook page of Andrew MacGregor Marshall, show.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights said the two were grabbed by police on the public holiday dedicated to the dead king in Lat Phrao district and taken to a local police station. Pictures appear to show republicans at MBK also.

Apparently the two detained were “released later in the day.” Police refused to comment.

The two arrested were said to be detained “while they were eating at a McDonald’s and brought to the station for interrogation.” They were detained for “wearing black T-shirts with the emblem of the Organization for a Thai Federation, an underground network that seeks to secede parts of Thailand from the kingdom to establish a republic.”

Police “warned them not to participate in any activity organized by the republicans.”



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