The election splurge III

8 12 2018

The junta’s mammoth election spending is accelerating as its “election” date is about to be announced.

Just a couple of days ago, The Nation reported that the junta has given the “green light to all government ministries to prepare projects considered ‘New Year presents’ to the people.”

New year presents appear to be nothing more than more vote buying by the junta and the list of vote catching projects includes many of those recently announced.

Anti-democrat Government Spokesman Buddhipongse Punnakanta immediately lied that this election ploy was not an election ploy at all, saying the gifts have nothing to do with the election and delivering votes to the junta’s devil parties. He did admit that there was an urgency to the splurge, despite saying such a “gift” to voters is “routine.”

One of the new vote enhancing measures seems to be the Industry Ministry’s 250 million baht for small and medium-sized enterprises, set to be announced next week when the junta’s cabinet will be campaigning in Nong Khai.

And guess who is announcing this measure? Of course, it is none other than Uttama Savanayana, who doubles up as Industry Minister and leader of the Palang Pracharath Party, the junta’s own party. He lied that announcing the package now had nothing to do with his party’s campaign for The Dictator. He plans more measures to be announced before the election.



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