Impossible to believe

12 12 2018

Prime ministerial candidate – the only one to have been on the campaign trail for more than four years – is also the person directing the Election Commission. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has set the rules and has rigged the election.

Yes, we acknowledge that the EC denies this. However, no one believes the agency that operates as if a set of puppets.

At the Bangkok Post it is reported that The Dictator has decided that he should deny “ordering the Election Commission (EC) to remove the names and logos of political parties from ballot papers.”

Parties claiming that they are disadvantaged by this change have been outspoken.

The Dictator’s denials are disingenuous. They are also flimsy plays with words: “I didn’t make any order. The issue came up during the talk. Somebody asked the question about it and I answered. But it’s the EC that will make a decision. It’s not my business…”.

Even if we accept this statement, the obvious question is how come it is only The Dictator who knows about the ballot? The next question is why he answered when he had his men from the EC sitting in the room as he lectured minor and devil parties?

The answers are all too obvious.

Running after the boss, EC chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong mumbled and bumbled on the format of the ballot.

Activist Srisuwan Janya has predicted that the EC will “opt for the ballot without the names and logos of political parties as suggested by Gen Prayut[h]…”. That seems to have been the current EC’s track record.



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