The Dictator as suffering politician

13 12 2018

The Bangkok Post has another story about The Dictator’s campaign for the post-“election” premiership. Despite having been in full campaign mode for months, self-appointed Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has not yet declared that he is running with his junta’s devil party, Palang Pracharath Party.

This is a pathetic ruse by The Dictator that allows him to use his current position to enhance his campaign and the devil party, continuing to rig the “election.”

The unusual element of this otherwise routine report of the junta’s election rigging is The Dictator’s bleating self-perception.

With other members of his junta’s cabinet, several of them already leading Palang Pracharath, The Dictator was campaigning for votes in Bung Kan.

Campaigning involved telling his recruited audience: “I am here today. If I tell you that I am not a full-time politician, that’s not true because I have been running the country.” He’s also been arranging a devil party, rigging and election and running for (continuing in) high office.

He gave the impression that he is beguiled by his own propaganda: “Being a politician, I am glad to see a lot of people turn up to welcome and call me ‘Loong [Uncle] Tu’.”

This was followed by a message that the unelected, self-appointed, self-selected authoritarian leader and commander of murderous troops was “suffering” for his “loyalty” and “devotion” to the nation and its people:

You know I suffer. But I am willing to suffer…. When I go back home, I will sleep and contemplate why the people hope to rely on us. Because they have hope so we have to fulfil their hopes.

Oddly, he then added: “But we must not cheat…”. Too late! The Dictator’s junta has been doing that for years.



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