EC crashed and burning I

18 12 2018

There’s huge support for foreign observers for the military dictatorship’s “election,” except within the junta itself.

That pressure and the inexplicably slow but sure growth of the realization among academics, commentators and the media that the election is rigged have seen even The Dictator having to reconsider the current ban on international observers.

As the Bangkok Post reports, Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has grumpily said: “It is the business of the EC [Election Commission] to consider and it’s our job to create transparency. Everyone must collaborate to ensure a credible election process…”.

It is that last bit that seems to be prodding The Dictator; he’s becoming concerned that no one is going to find his election in any way credible.

Recognizing that the EC is nothing but a junta puppet,

“Pheu Chart Party’s deputy spokesman Rayut Boontan called on Gen Prayut to take a stance on the issue, saying if the government supports the idea, the EC is likely to comply.” …

He said even though the EC is an independent agency, it seems to lend its ear to what the regime has to say.

The EC’s boss seems non-plussed and dazed. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s allowed to do until he gets his orders from The Dictator. When asked about guidelines for approving foreign observers, he had no idea.

The EC has crashed. It is now burning as a real EC. It’s task seems to be ensuring that The Dictator and the devil parties triumph. The EC is likely to be as independent as the military forces.



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