Junta failed on economy and corruption

19 12 2018

It isn’t often PPT agrees with anyone in the Democrat Party. However, spokesman for the Democrat Party, Thana Chirawinit, has some useful observations on the 4+ years of military dictatorship (which his party knowingly aided and abetted).

The Bangkok Post reports that Thana reckons The Dictator is unlikely to “turn the country around if he makes a successful comeback as premier after the general election…”. We’d say when rather than if, but that’s an aside. Thana stated:

… the public would like to know Gen Prayut’s strategy to advance the country, should he decide to be premier again. [It is all up to The Dictator.]

“Despite the fact that the Prayut administration has been in power for more than four years, it has failed to address corruption, the economic slowdown, and promote good governance,” he said.

Mr Thana said Gen Prayut’s stance against corruption is unclear, pointing to the premier’s reaction to the luxury wristwatch scandal involving Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon.

When the public demanded a probe into the scandal, the prime minister called on the media not to make too much of a fuss about Gen Prawit’s wealth, Mr Thana said….

The spokesman said the fact that Gen Prayut’s cabinet members refused to step down from their posts upon joining the PPRP [Palang Pracharath Party] indicates bad governance on the part of the regime.

He also said that most of the regime’s economic stimulus packages are not sustainable as they were intended simply to woo votes, before criticising the regime’s mobile cabinet meetings as an excuse to get a head start in vote canvassing….

“… The country’s economy is at its worst state,” he said.

Given that the junta has had unbridled powers and has all the guns, Thana wants to know how the angry general can get his way when he has a parliament to deal with? Well, he will still have guns, a 20 year plan and 250 senators and a devil party, so the next 4 years are likely to be more of the same but a chipping away of support from royalists, fascists and military.