No law for the junta’s party IV

25 12 2018

We are becoming confused by the ways the Election Commission is responding to claims the military junta’s party, Palang Pracharath. Perhaps the point is to confuse.

In a report from a few days ago, Thai PBS, the EC’s deputy secretary-general Sawaeng Boonmee is reported as saying that:

Political parties can hold fund-raising events until the Royal Decree on the election of members of the parliament comes into effect after which such activities are banned, but political donations can be received all the time….

Of course, Sawaeng “was responding to questions related to a fund-raising banquet organized by Palang Pracharat party’s fund-raising event…”.

It seems that only Palang Pracharath and another pro-junta party, Suthep Thaugsuban’s Action Coalition for Thailand, which also held a banquet.

Sawaeng said “political parties could do anything that the existing laws do not specify as illegal such as putting up campaign posters on private land.” However, “… when the Royal Decree on the election of MPs becomes effective, political parties must strictly adhere to the law…”.

Confused and confusing, but its seems only two parties have so far benefited.



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