The Dictator on sale

25 12 2018

The Dictator is busy selling his policies. He’s especially keen to have people buy his “welfare policies” as “real” rather than simply vote buying or policy corruption.

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s concern is that, before an election he has manipulated and planned for years, his helicopter cash and short-termism are being criticized as inadequate and not amounting to serious welfare programs.

We have long said that the poor deserve all they can get in a vastly unequal and exploitative Thailand. However, Gen Prayuth’s efforts are little short of vote-buying.

Helpfully, the Bangkok Post has produced a summary of some parts of Prayuth-as-Santa new year gifts to voters, which we reproduce here.

Credit: Bangkok Post

His response to criticism is to beg for votes as he campaigns in many communities.

He “defended his regime’s end-of year social welfare scheme as a ‘well thought out’ policy that will help the people…”. He added: “Please do not try to discredit the scheme and twist the facts, the welfare cards were not issued to court the favour of any political party…“.

In fact, there’s some twisted truth to this! His handouts are meant to make him prime minister again after the election, which will come from him being nominated by a devil party. His handouts support him and he supports Palang Pracharath.

The Post explains: “The prime minister has been increasing the frequency of his visits to local communities after the newly-formed Palang Pracharath Party threw its support behind him as leader post-election.”

It might have added that Palang Pracharath is the junta’s party.



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