Election off

8 01 2019

Khaosod reports that Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paojinda has confirmed an official memorandum telling officials to cease preparations for an “election.”

The leaked memo was sent to “voting officials in every province.” Noting that there was no Royal Decree on the election, the memo ordered that “all preparations for elections are hereby halted.”

“Let me confirm again that there will be an election, 1 million percent, no matter which day it would be, and whether it would be sooner or later than we expected,” Anupong said. “We haven’t seen the Royal Decree for this election yet, so we have to wait for clarity.”

Anupong seemed to blame the Election Commission, saying his ministry was ready to do all necessary work when the EC told him when the election was on.

The blame lies elsewhere and Anupong’s response suggests there might not be an election for a while.