The Dictator advances his electoral cheating

15 01 2019

The Dictator is also self-appointed prime minister. He’s also the de facto leader of his junta-created and nurtured Palang Pracharath Party.

As might be expected of an arrogant military boss who has commanded troops ordered to shoot down protesters and has led an illegal military putsch, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has no compunction about using state power in his campaigning for his junta’s rigged election.

No one knows when this election will be held, although the fact that The Dictator continues with his cheating campaign suggests it will be this year, maybe.

In Chiang Mai, campaigning with his cabinet  – which includes several leaders of his devil party – Prayuth demonstrated his infinite capacity for cheating.

The Dictator told potential voters to listen only to pro-junta parties and himself: “Don’t listen to people who used to cause damage to the country. I hope you’ll get a decent government after the election…”. He means a pro-junta puppet regime.

He went further, attacking the campaign policies of anti-junta parties, describing them as “unrealistic.” This is where the very thin and barely visible line between “government” and devil party was obliterated, declaring: “the government [meaning the military  junta] has to clarify whether it can deliver those promises.”

He continued to deliver “the government’s” verdict: “They are liars. Don’t let them deceive you… They are not telling the truth. Everyone likes these promises, but are they even feasible?…”.

At the same time, Gen Prayuth “defended his government’s record.”That means that he’s urging votes for pro-junta parties.

There is no difference between the junta and the devil parties. The term “conflict of interest” is insufficient in describing this outright cheating.



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