Updated: King finally endorses royal decree on election

23 01 2019

As most readers will know, after a three week delay, the king has finally signed the royal decree calling an election.

The immediate questions are: (1) Why did he delay? Is he working with the junta or just demonstrating his disdain for the electoral process? Or was he demonstrating his power? and (2) What date will be chosen? We expect the Election Commission to go with the military junta’s preference and select 24 March.

The questions that follow these are: (1) When will The Dictator announce his intentions? (2) How much more election rigging will there be? (3) Will there be outright cheating such as ballot box stuffing? and (4) Will the EC investigate existing allegations of electoral fraud against Palang Pracharath?

Update: One question answered: its 24 March, the junta’s preferred date, but probably the only date really available. Even so, things will be very tight indeed.



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