Cynicism warranted

28 01 2019

Thai surveying is not always very reliable. However, the enormous cynicism about the junta’s election that was displayed in a recent National Institute of Development Administration poll is warranted.

In this survey, “more than 78% of participants believe vote-buying will be rampant.” The fact that a similar proportion stated that they are keen to vote suggests that the junta’s devil parties may be in electoral trouble.

This is why the junta’s dirty tricks are multiplying. On the weekend, Puea Thai Party’s Sudarat Keyuraphan complained that soldiers were stalking her during campaigning. Such “monitoring” is meant to threaten but is also collecting “evidence” for later use in red-carding candidates from anti-junta parties.

Cynicism is also warranted because the space between the incumbent military regime and its Palang Pracharath Party is non-existent. They are one in the same. Most recently, the Bangkok Post reports on the “talent” recruited to the party. Most of this “talent” has “been recruited by government spokesman Buddhipongse Punnakanta, who is also a member of the PPRP…”.

The junta’s cheating and rigging may still not be enough to guarantee a clear victory. Expect more intense cheating and more cynicism.



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