Staying on, and on, and on

2 02 2019

Again, The Dictator lost it. As Khaosod politely puts it:

Junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha tore into reporters in abrasive language Friday, reiterating that he would not step down ahead of March’s general election, saying “oust me if you dare, jerks.”

For us, the interesting thing is that this episode seems to have been planned. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha appeared to be reading his brain burst.

“Making no effort to mask his anger and irritation,” The Dic said stepping down was nonsense, blathering that “no democratic or communist leader had ever done so.” He seems to confuse “caretaker” administration (which is in the junta’s constitution) and running a regime for the advantage of his political party.

In a seemingly staged outrage, The Dictator declared:

Don’t try so hard to chase people away. … This is what the law says. Oust me if you dare, jerks! Oust me if you can! I’m not challenging you, but I’m not quitting….

The current and (he hopes and schemes) future premier has repeatedly demonstrated his capacity for being a jerk.