Further updated: New Mandala live blogging

10 02 2019

The princess thing is becoming a major political problem. New Mandala is live blogging, including reporting that:

Representatives of Thak Raksa Chart have publically refuted rumours that the party’s leaders have fled the country or been arrested. Still, concerns over the whereabouts of Preechapol Pongpanich, the leader of Thai Raksa Chart, continue to abound online. One tweet, originally in Thai, by @drballban at 20.48PM (Bangkok time) has been retweeted over 5000 times: “This is quite serious. Until now, no-one knows the whereabouts of Khun Preechapol, the leader of #thakraksachart and the person who submitted Her Highness Ubolratana’s name as a prime ministerial candidate. He has only told his mother not to worry and that he is well. Everybody, let’s give encouragement to Khun Preechapol”.

Could the election be “postponed” or cancelled?

Update 1: Thai Rath is reporting Preechapol as missing and rumors that he is being questioned by police and/or military.

Update 2: K@pook reports that Preechapol is safe, not avoiding arrest and not under detention.



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