More fallout news

12 02 2019

It is reported that the Election Commission had:

recommended on Tuesday afternoon that the Thai Raksa Chart (TRC) Party be dissolved for allegedly drawing the monarchy into politics, but at 6pm the EC president told the Bangkok Post that the decision was yet to be finalised.

As in much that it has done and decided not to do, the EC seems to be making it up as it goes along and/or doing what it is told.

Apparently, the “evidence” it is using to decide “on the proper punishment” for Thai Raksa Chart includes:

the Feb 8 royal announcement, the party’s letter notifying the person it proposed as the prime ministerial candidate and the party’s letter allowing Parliament to consider approving its candidate as PM.

The dissolution of the party would mean:

that none of its candidates can run in the upcoming election. The election law requires a candidate to belong to a party for at least 90 days before the election, leaving them with no time to switch.

Meanwhile, Princess Ubolratana has commented (she can’t possibly be sanctioned, except by her brother):

I’m sorry that the sincere intention to work to help the country and our Thai people had caused problems that had seemed unlikely to occur in this day and age….

We are not sure what day and age she means. Perhaps a neo-absolutist military dictatorship?



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