Commoners Party strength

24 02 2019

The Commoners Party is reported to have “refused to remove the words ‘military dictatorship’ and ‘shackles’ from its election campaign announcements on YouTube…”.

Party leader Lertsak Kamkongsak “claimed the provincial election office in Loei has asked the party to drop the two words” and it had refused.

Lertsak explained that the party’s campaign advertisements “asked why the country was being governed by elites while the majority of people are not represented in parliament.”

A good question, and one that could be asked of other parties as well. The Democrat Party supported the 2006 and 2014 military coups. A pro-Thaksin party nominated a former princess as a candidate. How’s that work?

The party’s “announcements said the party would serve voters who disagreed with the country being ruled by a military dictatorship and wanted equality.”

Sounds more than reasonable. Standing against military dictatorship deserves support.



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