Updated: Junta murder conspiracy

25 02 2019

Khaosod reports that Pranee Danwattanusorn, the wife of Surachai Danwattanusorn or Surachai Sae Dan, has traveled to Nakhon Phanom “to file a complaint over the possible destruction of the corpse,” which she believes was Surachai.

Surachai at the police station, c. 2011

Her position is that the military junta is responsible for the clandestine abduction and (probable) murder of her husband and two other activists.

Surachai had fled to Laos following the 2014 military coup. A former political prisoner in the 1970s and then a lese majeste political prisoner when charges were brought by the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime.

He went missing late last year, believed to have been “disappeared” with his two comrades. Later,

[t]wo disemboweled bodies were found on the Thai side of the river late December and identified by DNA tests to be Surachai’s aides Chatchan Boopphawal, 56, and Kraidet Luelert, 47, who went missing with him. The corpses were wrapped in sacks with their hands cuffed and ankles tied with ropes. Their faces were also smashed in and their stomachs gutted and filled with concrete blocks.

A third body was located, believed to be Surachai, but was “disappeared.” Pranee said “she believes her husband is dead and that his body was stolen and destroyed.”

She declared:

We need to uncover the truth behind their gruesome death…. If the government stays silent, it’s possible that they were behind the brutal murder of the three men.

She speculated that they were abducted and murdered for being outspoken dissidents of the military government and the monarchy.

Surachai has been wanted by the military regime on lese majeste charges.

What is left unsaid is that, whether by direct order or working “loyally,” the abductors and assassins have probably acted for the king and palace.

Update: The Nation reports that Pranee has said “that UN officials would call on Tha Uthen police station in Nakhon Phanom on Monday and Tuesday next week to ask about progress in the investigation.”



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