Fake neutrality

26 02 2019

It seems that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is seeking to give a false impression that he is “neutral” on the junta’s selection of senators. The Dictator-prime minister-candidate-general has appointed his deputy and allyhas appointed his deputy and ally, the watchman, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, to head the selection committee of senators. No other members of the “selection committee” were named.

Gen Prawit said the 194 senators they would pick would “not include active military officers or those who are close to retirement…”. However, Gen Prawit “did not rule out retired military officers from the choice.”

Gen Prawit did not comment when asked about the obvious conflict of interest, where the junta’s rules and constitution give the junta the power to select “the senators who would, in turn, pick a prime minister and Gen Prayut is one of the PM candidates…”.

Gen Prayuth, who has previously spoken in support of the yet to be appointed senators, claimed a “democratic” mandate for the conflict of interest, pointing to the flawed and undemocratic constitutional referendum.

Handing over the task of picking the senators is a way for Gen Prayuth, who expects to be selected premier after the vote, to appear “neutral.” But this is an illusion. Prayuth and his junta established the rules as a way for Prayuth and his junta to maintain power.



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