Updated: Gen Prayuth campaigns for his party

9 03 2019

About a week ago, The Dictator-junta leader-self-appointed prime minister-prime ministerial candidate Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha was going to appear for his Palang Pracharath Party at a planned rally in Korat. That was cancelled.

No matter, for the multitasking boss has “scheduled to visit four provinces” – Korat, Khon Kaen, Chiang Rai and Nakorn Srithammarat. Allegedly, these visits are “to follow up on government work…”.

As the Bangkok Post points out, this is “a move that appears to follow the trail of Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) election campaign rallies which will be held prior to Gen Prayut’s visits.” The party had scheduled election rallies in each place around the time of the boss’s official visits, funded by the taxpayer.

Gen Prayuth’s minister until a few weeks ago and now leader of the junta’s devil party, Uttama Savanayana declared that Gen Prayuth’s “visits have nothing to do with the party.”

However, a few hours later, the party announced that it was postponing “a major election rally scheduled for March 13 in its stronghold of Nakhon Ratchasima as …[Gen] Prayut[h]… is scheduled to visit the northeastern province the same day.”

Cheating. You bet. And the party and the general remain wary of legal traps (set by themselves) but continue to use the public purse for campaigning.

The puppet Election Commission remains missing in action (or shopping) is unlikely to do anything about this.

Update: While Palang Pracharath might have been considering postponing its 13 March rally, it went ahead with its rally in Korat yesterday and campaigned across the northeast. Gen Prayuth was the center of attention even without being there as the party repeatedly used his name and linked its election to Prayuth’s continuing premiership. Prayuth shows up in a couple of days, “to follow up on government work…”. Or, rather, to campaign for his party.



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