Constructing the king’s image

12 03 2019

Since the succession, PPT has had several posts that have recounted how the royal image is being made by palace propagandists.

Not that long ago, we posted on one of the junta’s Deputy Prime Ministers, Wissanu Krea-ngam, talking about the coronation in May. He was reported as  stating that the “Prime Minister’s Office will issue a design prototype of the royal emblem for the yellow shirt” to be worn for the event.

Wissanu added that “seven designs of the royal emblem were submitted to … the King, who has since selected the final design.” The coronation committee was “waiting for a letter from the bureau to confirm details of the design so it can be used as the official logo for the ceremony…”.

Now it looks like the story has changed, presumably to polish the king’s reputation. Now Wissanu is reported as saying the “King … has created the new design himself and approved it for public use ahead of the three-day event from May 4-6.”

The next step is to laud the king as Thailand’s greatest graphic artists. That’s how palace propaganda worked for hi father too.