Flustered and desperate III

13 03 2019

The junta seems to be admitting that its devil party Palang Pracharath is not going to do well at all its election, despite massive rigging and enormous state spending on projects linked to its electoral campaigning. Of course, this junta may be so desperate that it engages in old-fashioned vote fraud at the time of the election.

The latest to let this electoral cat out of the cardboard voting booth is Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan.

Brushing aside questions about his junta’s chances in the lower house, via Palang Pracharath, Gen Prawit said “he did not think it would be difficult to form the next government.” He explained why: “it would not be difficult to form the new government after the general election as the appointed senate would be ‘controllable’.”

The appointed senate

Gen Prawit is in charge of selecting the senators, so when he says they will be “controllable” it means he’s selecting relatives and friends.

In being forced to admit that his devil party is probably not going to do as well as they had been rigging for, Gen Prawit relies on the most anti-democratic elements of the “new” political system. If he, The Dictator-prime ministerial candidate and the rest of the junta have to do that, the period following the election is likely to be unstable and dangerous.