Inequality politics

14 03 2019

The Bangkok Post writes that “six key parties have vowed to narrow the income gap…”. The parties are: Democrat Party, Palang Pracharath, Bhum Jai Thai, Chart Pattana, Puea Thai and Future Forward.

Laughably, the Democrat Party, often the favorite of bug business and the ruling class, had leader Abhisit (I’ll-do-anything-to-be-premier) Vejjajiva promising “to reform the economic structure…”.

Puea Thai and Future Forward presented Keynesian policies. Palang Pracharath said they would do whatever its minister-founders had been doing for the past five years. The other two were forgettable.

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, campaigning as “official business” so he could avoid legalities and use up more taxpayer funds didn’t say much about income gaps. In Nakorn Ratchasima, he promoted himself. He appealed to voters to give “us” another five years.

Yes, that’s not campaigning but official business. The Election Commission was having its political cataracts replaced so could Sgt Schultz on Prayuth’s breaking of electoral laws.

Back to income and inequality. We suggest readers might appreciate a story at Ozy.



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