Somkid still campaigning

19 03 2019

A month ago, PPT displayed a clip from the Bangkok Post, quoting Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak as saying his regime would be back after the junta’s “election” under the leadership of Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha. On the left is the clip from that post.

He’s been at it again. Here’s another clip (right) from the Bangkok Post.







Of course, the reference to “stupid people” is likely to be yet another statement about the so-called red buffalo who have repeatedly and enthusiastically elected pro-Thaksin Shinawatra parties in every election since 2000.

Pro-Thaksin parties remain hopeful that they will again do well in this election, despite all the pro-junta election rules, the rigging and the junta’s campaigning and use of taxpayer money meant to turn back the electoral tide to loyalists, royalists and the pro-junta anti-democrats. Even so, the task of “winning” the “election” is almost impossible under the junta’s rules.

Interestingly, the changing tone of Somkid’s remarks suggest that he’s aware that his party, Palang Pracharath, is not doing as well as he expected when he was its midwife.



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