With a major update: It isn’t clear II

28 03 2019

The Election Commission has now released full election results for the constituency seats. As ever, the EC has confused everyone.

The most startling revelation from the EC is that voter turnout, reported at about 65% when it had counted 95% of all votes has miraculously become 74.69% with the counting of the last 5% of votes. Maybe the EC can explain this; we can’t.

Khaosod states that the EC figures showed:

The commission said the five most-voted parties are Phalang Pracharath (8.4 million votes), Pheu Thai (7.9 million votes), Future Forward (6.2 million votes), Democrats (3.9 million votes) and Bhumjaithai (3.7 million votes).

We can’t find the final, unconfirmed constituency results at the EC’s website about an hour after the press conference reported above.

Update: The EC has again screwed up (or worse). According to Khaosod, it has quickly taken “down its full voting report hours after releasing it to the media, amid growing questions of the results’ numerous discrepancies.” In addition to the bizarre voter turnout figures,

Discrepancies include a difference in raw votes announced by the Commission and its official document released later; numbers of voters not matching numbers of ballots used; and total votes awarded to political parties not matching number of ballots declared valid.

At this point, whether the EC is flustered, hopeless at communication, a bunch of dunces, under orders or conniving in cheating, at this point, it is probably beyond any kind of salvage. If this wasn’t one of the dirtiest elections, is is certainly the most ridiculously maladministered.

The fear now is what happens next? Our fear is that it is going to get nastier still.



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