Incessant palace churn

23 04 2019

One of the characteristics of the palace during last reign was a general public quietness and stability. We are sure there was plenty of palace politics, but for the the public the image was of stability, with some important palace officials in place for decades. When there was change or sackings, these were not usually made into big deals.

This is not the style of King Vajiralongkorn. His reorganizations of the palace tend to be frequent, furious and are publicly announced through the state’s official Gazette, either in his own name or issued by the prime minister-The Dictator-prime ministerial candidate Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Just days before coronation, the king is at it again.

In one announcement, issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, the king has reorganized scores of Royal Guards and related military units that he commands. The length of the list – it runs to several pages – is staggering. We lack a sufficiently deep knowledge of the military and its organization, but its looks increasingly 19th century.

In another announcement from the king, he “releases” two police officers from service to the king for unspecified failures. Both officers were previously considered close to the king. It remains to be seen if they will be stripped of rank.

These announcements are made while the king is in Germany, again wearing “male bras”/crop tops. Andrew MacGregor Marshall has more on the second announcement and the Bild photo.